Hello, I’m Clare Wener and I’m a freelance copywriter in St Albans, Hertfordshire.
Whether you’re looking to find your voice in a crowded marketplace or you’re struggling to make time to write that newsletter, I can help you.
Freelance tone of voice, copywriting, copy editing, proof reading, blogging, newsletters in St Albans, Hertfordshire.


I love the English language – how the sounds roll around in your mouth, its quirks and its funny words.  'Discombobulated' is one of my favourites.


And so in 2011 I took the plunge and started working as a freelance copywriter and content editor. My clients are varied – from large multinationals to small businesses wanting to grow.

Before that, I worked in marketing communications for ten years so it's fair to say I've written a lot and understand the power of words – and the impact they can have on how your business is perceived.

Have a look at examples of my work and feel free to say hello. You can even let me know your favourite word. Go on, have a think. I bet you've got one.




Finding a freelance copywriter is easy. Finding one who takes the time to get to know you and your business, isn’t so common.

I also like to get to the bottom of the brief: who’s your audience? What do you want them to think/feel/do? You’ll hear me ask this often. It makes sure my writing hits the spot and you’re happy. I write with search engines in mind too (SEO).

Content editing and proofing

There's nothing more satisfying than editing a sentence: making the language clearer, using fewer words, making it more dynamic.

I can help you with editing or proofing websites, brochures, newsletters, marketing materials, corporate brochures and reports.


Tone of voice development

Everyone loves a new logo. Or a list of brand values. Of course, how you look is important but how you sound has to match.


I’ll get an understanding of your brand and who you are, and then devise your tone of voice. If you want to sound approachable, I’ll suggest ways to use language that doesn’t have people running for the hills.

It’ll give clear examples showing how to make your writing sound like ‘you’.


It's great having your tone of voice guidelines but your people have got to use them!


I run training sessions on how to write in your tone of voice. I can also run general sessions on how to improve people’s writing at work.


These can be one-to-one sessions or in groups of up to 20.

Sample work


Clare asks the right questions to work out clear messaging. As a professional writer she is able to adapt her style easily, and she finds engaging angles to take which helps stories and messages land well and have impact.


It’s great to work with someone who is always happy to help and brings a depth and breadth of experience as a second perspective.


As well as being highly professional, Clare is fun to have around and brings positive energy to projects she’s involved in.

Evelyn Wong

internal communications manager 

Clare worked for the Department on a number of issues and did a great job for us so much so that we have gone back to her more than once.

She helped us with the communications aspects of work on violence against women and girls, and related issues.

She produced some excellent work, really high quality, had a good eye for detail, was well organised and well motivated with a really positive attitude.

Claire Phillips 

deputy director 
Department of Health

Thanks for organising the 'Writing like Grant Thornton' course yesterday. It was an excellent session and I was glad there was so much participation from everyone.


It opened my eyes to my own communication style across all the work I do and I’ve already started putting changes into effect.


The exercises worked well and there was a good balance between group and individual work. It would be good to regularly revisit this topic.

Edward Turner 

associate director
Grant Thornton

My writing and approach to writing has improved immeasurably since working with Clare.


Her advice and guidance is clear, concise and helps not only with my own writing but my ability to copy edit the writing of other people.


I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Clare to anyone.

Robert Spragg


Stephen Friedman Gallery


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