Department of Health


An important report featuring many contributions and changes from a committee of experts.


My role: proof reading and copy editing to make the language as clear as possible. There’s always a danger of policy-speak and jargon in government-focused reports. I also briefed and liaised with designers.


Outcome: An 81-page report and executive summary launched at a ministerial event in Whitehall. The NHS and voluntary sector have incorporated the majority of the report recommendations into how they respond and help children.

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Responding well – Understanding and evidence

  1. The Department of Health should commission work on where the gaps are in the existing evidence base on child sexual exploitation, what the priorities to address should be and how best to address them (potentially through system wide actions and focused work, such as research, with clear understanding of who leads on each strand).

  2. The Department of Health should request NICE guidance on how to identify and treat children who have been sexually abused which should also cover children who have been sexually exploited.


Responding well – Identification and assessment 

  1. NHS England and their area team safeguarding leads should work with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Health Provider Trusts and General Practitioners to ensure that:

  • Designated Doctors and Nurses for Safeguarding support their area teams and CCGs’ work on

  • local multi-agency teams set up to combat child sexual exploitation are fully representative including professionals from primary and secondary physical and mental health care.