Grant Thornton

Thank you for a great session yesterday. I really enjoyed it.


Tine Boye, manager 
Grant Thornton


After working with Grant Thornton for a couple of months, I felt frustrated. They had tone of voice guidelines but no one was using them.


My solution: to run a series of staff workshops.


The sessions:

  • made people more aware about how they write at work

  • talked people through the tone of voice guidelines

  • allowed people to practice writing in the Grant Thornton style

  • reminded people about the style guide.


International financial reporting standards (IFRS) wording

Through coaching and editing the IFRS team’s work I helped them write in a way that was benefits-focused, clearer and more succinct.

Copy sample

Our member firm IFRS advisers can help you navigate the complexity of the Standards so you can focus your time and effort on running your business.

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), are a set of global accounting standards developed by the International Accounting Standards Board for the preparation of public company financial statements. With well over 100 countries using them, they are fast becoming the global accounting language.

Using IFRSs can help increase the quality, comparability and transparency of your financial information. Applying them correctly will increase your company's credibility and improve access to credit and investment opportunities.

The Standards are very detailed and technical. To the untrained eye, they can appear hard to navigate. But at Grant Thornton, we have people who are very well versed in their intricacies and can translate them into language you can understand and apply to your financial statements.